Types of Posts

The list below is going to be very fluid, with topics coming and going as time goes on. At the beginning, most of the information I might post about will probably be more relevant to those in the Pacific Northwest, as that is where I am currently located. But the hope is that as time marches on, the scope of this site will also continue on.


  • Videos – I’ll be periodically posting videos that I find relevant and will be posting commentary/description of the video.
  • Policies – Here, I plan to post about different policies that affect the queer, gender, and feminist communities and breaking down the history, impact, and details of the policies. I’m not a poli sci major or a lawyer in any regard so these posts will be a simplified version of things and will be greatly influenced by my perspective.
  • Language – This will be where I talk about different aspects of language that not only oppresses but also liberates. I’ll be breaking down the history of different words and phrases, among other things.
  • Resources – I can easily see this being the most difficult task to take on but also one of the most important. Here, I’ll be posting things that will be useful, including good health care professionals to visit, organizations, books, and many others that I’m sure will come up.
    • Another part of the resources I include will be links to other websites and blogs that address any sort of queer and/or feminist issue in any regard. My hope is that different writers from blogs can be highlighted on this website.
  • Religion – In this topic, issues regarding anything to do with religion will be discussed. There will be things like how to deal with religiously affiliated colleges and universities, welcoming and affirming congregations, news that surrounds religion in anyway.
  • Movies, documentaries, and shows – I’m always really terrible at getting around to watching films and shows but this section will include movies to watch, descriptions, and reviews.
  • Issue Breakdown – A more creative name will probably appear for this section but basically, the idea is that posts will cover different issues within the queer community and the general points behind them.


My name is Charlie and at this point, this website really is more for my sake than anything else. I am a senior at a university in the United States, studying sociology, and my thesis is around the queer community and religion. I am starting to find my place in the social activism realm and have seen the necessity of education on social inequality issues, which is why I decided to make a blog.

As someone who identifies as queer both in sexuality and in gender, trying to find a collective of queer feminist issues has been a curse and a blessing. On one hand, there is so much out there in the world that is wonderful and creative and just plain awesome. On the other hand, there is so much stuff out there… I’ve found myself at times just being totally overwhelmed of everything that exists that I don’t even know where to start.

So as of right now, at the very beginning, this blog is really just a resource of all of the things that exist out there that relate to issues of sexuality, race, ability, gender, and so many more. I’ll be highlighting videos that I find amazing, giving summaries of research, and getting the lowdown about different organizations.

All of the commentary that I bring to the world, and especially to this website, is greatly influenced by my own privilege. I am white, middle class, and relatively abled. I identify as pansexual and gender queer but really love the fluidity of the term queer.