Topic: Bisexuality

The videos above highlight conversations around the identity of bisexuality and discuss some of the stereotypes that exist.

The University of Illinois at Chicago also published a webpage of Common Myths of Bisexuality, which addresses and debunks myths that surround the identity. The myths covered are:

  • There is no such thing as bisexual. You’re either gay/lesbian or straight, no in between
  • Bisexuals are confused about their sexuality. They can’t have it both ways… they have to make a choice
  • Everybody is bisexual
  • To be bisexual, you have to love both genders equally
  • You can’t be bisexual and be faithful to one person
  • Bisexuals are much more likely to carry sexually transmitted diseases/infections
  • Bisexuals are more accepted by straight society
Then, there is the Bisexual Resource Center, which as far as I understand, is located in Boston, MA. The center was originally started in 1985 and now is one of the largest national bisexual organizations.
There are plenty of online resources if you aren’t in the Boston area that are really great to look into. One link within their media section is actually for the Bi Magazine, which highlights news and different forms of media surrounding the bisexual community.
Now it is time for a farewell but be sure to know that this is just one post of what I’m sure will be many on bisexuality. Consider this just an introduction to the identity, especially with the debate of bi versus pan.

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