The Grand Jury Decision

Last Monday night, the grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson of the death of Mike Brown was announced. Since then, protests not only in Ferguson but around the US and world have been going on. Articles and responses to the decision, grand jury testimony and evidence, and US racism are continuously coming out and fundraisers are being held to support those being arrested because of the protests (including this one for black folks arrested in Oakland) (and another about how you can show up for Ferguson).

Several people have written about their own experiences:

  • Diamond Latchison wrote a post on Black Girl Dangerous last August titled: “I’m from Ferguson and I’m tired and fed up”.
  • W. Kamau Bell wrote about his experience of being a tall black man in the US right now
  • Brittany Cooper wrote: “I am utterly undone: My struggle with black rage and fear after Ferguson”

Others have also poked holes in the testimony and evidence from the grand jury:

  • Lisa Bloom, a legal analyst for NBC and a trial lawyer, brought up some questions after going through the released grand jury documents from the case
  • Legal scholar Patricia Williams also commented on what Darren Wilson’s testimony reveals about racism in the US
  • There was a shocking mistake in what was presented to the grand jury
  • Justice Scalia explains what was wrong with the Ferguson grand jury

The protests have also been covered:

  • The media hasn’t done a great job covering all parts of the protests
  • The New York Times editorial board wrote on the meaning of the Ferguson protests

There are really great people to follow on Twitter, including:

deray mckesson




Shaun King 

Mia McKenzie, Black Girl Dangerous 

I definitely recommend following the above and so many more to see what is happening on the ground in real time.


2 thoughts on “The Grand Jury Decision

    • Definitely! There’s a lot of great stuff happening out there as a reaction to the decision.


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