LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth

Homelessness is a significant issue for many LGBTQ+ youth because despite being a small percentage of the general population, there are estimates that suggest that up to 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+ and that family rejection is a big reason why. And the number of youth experiencing homelessness is growing in some cities.

The National Coalition for the Homeless has compiled a list of resources for LGBTQ+ homeless youth, including research done in 2002 about experiencing homelessness and another report form the National Coalition for the Homeless. KBOO, a community radio station in Oregon, did a piece in 2010 that highlighted stories of LGBTQ+ youth being kicked out. Lambda Legal has a brochure about this issue and the Homelessness Resource Center has a long list of resources available as well.

There are resources available to LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness. Some cities (usually major ones) that have community centers and/or shelters that help, including:

There are other resources out there but being able to access consistent and transitional housing is so important. And of course, there are issues like discrimination based on gender identity/expression from homeless shelters themselves. Ultimately, I believe that the queer community (myself included) needs to step up more to support queer youth experiencing homelessness.