Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman (book review)

The past couple days/last week has been really rough, which is why this post is coming out today instead of yesterday. But! I’ve been writing a lot recently about farming and the environment and to continue that trend, I thought I’d write about a new book I got a couple weeks ago! (The details in the photos in this post are hard to make out – I apologize for that!)

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Julia Rothman‘s Farm Anatomy: the Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life is really well done in my opinion. The book is filled with illustrations showing all different parts of farm life, like the many parts of cow, pigs, Β and chickens, how to spin and dye your own yard, the best kind of bugs for your garden. There are many different recipes, like dandelion wine, shepherd’s pie, and carrot cake. She writes about the different breeds of cows, chickens, ducks, and sheep and what each breed is good for.


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Rothman’s illustrations are amazing and most of the type was either handwritten or based on her own handwriting. She diagrams so many different things, like the different parts of vegetables or animals, and explains the different ways to care for different animals. A good portion of the pages are her illustrations, making the book easy to flip through. There are definitions for numerous terms and the tracks for potential predators.Plus, there are tips on gardening (like the first and last frost of the year), how much water each animal needs in a year, and how to can vegetables.

The book is divided up into sections, allowing easy progression from one topic to another and goes breaking ground all the way to spinning your own yard. While many of the things Rothman writes about in this book aren’t all that relevant for my life in an urban setting but it’s still really cool to be learning about all of it. And Rothman writes and illustrates in such a way that allows for everything to be really interesting. Plus, the recipes and how to can/preserve vegetables will be very useful after my mom and I harvest our garden in our front yard!

Overall, I really love this book! It fits so nicely with what I’ve been really interested lately and is so so beautifully done.


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