Zombie Awareness Month.

I’m not going to lie – I’m a huge nerd for all things zombies and according to the Zombie Research Society, May is Zombie Awareness Month! So for today, I thought I’d write about my favorite zombie related things!

Zombies, Run! (App, Running)

Zombies-RunThere is so much that I just absolutely love about this game – the stories, the characters, the radio show. Basically, the setting is a post apocalyptic England where the zombie plague has taken over. You are a runner for Abel Township and each run/jog/walk is a mission with a story for the base.

There are missions, radio shows, interval training, and supply runs – all with supportive characters and music cheering you on the entire time no matter what speed you are going. The characters are so amazing and the stories are extremely well written.


reviewAlso I think one of my favorite things about this was this random review left on iTunes for the app that complained about “too much homosexuality”:


Zombies, Run! 5K (App, Running)

Similar to the Zombies, Run! app but is a couch to 5k training up that helps you slowly build up to running a full 5k! Same characters, similar stories but instead of just straight walking/jogging/running, there are different trainings to build up strength and endurance.

World War Z – by Max Brooks (Audio book)

9780770437411_custom-fce8ddae4be8e3e0d627f0fba8047ba779e7f3e4-s6-c30I just started listening to this book by Max Brooks while I’m out walking and while I haven’t gotten particularly far in the book, I really love what I’ve heard.

The book is an (obviously fictional) oral history of the zombie war and highlights the stories of the survivors. In the audio book, the different characters are voiced by different people and the stories paint a picture of the mass panic that might occur in the event of a zombie related apocalypse.

World War Z (2013, Film)

**Contains intense, frightening zombie sequences, violence and disturbing images.

This was a movie based on Max Brooks’ book of the same name – although the format of the movie was significantly different than the book. The book follows an interview format, of a single person telling their story of survival during the zombie apocalypse. The movie on the other hand? It is set during the outbreak and worldwide panic and follows around Brad Pitt’s character (Gerry Lane) searching for a cure or a solution. I originally saw the movie in theaters when it first came out so it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. But overall, it was an average movie. It wasn’t particularly  impressive and there were some weird parts; but the movie wasn’t totally awful. I particularly like the review from Matt Zoller Seitz, who wrote:

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations field agent who retired to spend time with his wife Karin (Mirelle Enos) and their charming daughters. He’s every other character played by Robert Redford in the 1970s and ’80s: noble, brave, calm in a crisis, endlessly resourceful, kind to his spouse and children, respectful of authority but not slavishly so, independent-minded by not arrogant; a snooze… The rest of the picture is a globetrotting medical mystery that just happens to feature zombies, with Lane and various helpers, some military and others scientific, trying to figure out what sparked the disease and counter it before the undead overrun everything. It’s “Contagion” or “The Andromeda Strain,” but with zombies, and without much panache.

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