How to Be an Adult – part one.

Okay so I’ve actually wanted to write about how to be an adult and do adult things for a while. Mostly because the US education system generally isn’t built for preparing people to exist in life after high school but also because I’m still trying to figure this whole adult thing out myself. (Usually this is how I adult.)

There’s a part of me that feels uncomfortable with the phrasing of “how to be an adult” because there are millions and millions of ways to be an adult. But with this post, I really wanted to focus on how to possibly go about things when you live on your own or start to live independently from your parents and guardians. The resources I share are probably not going to apply to everyone – not every piece of advice is universal unfortunately and I am coming from a place of privilege with massive blinders so there might be advice that is applicable to my life but not to yours.

Anyway, the idea for this post came from a tumblr post titled “how to grow the fuck up” and it has a massive list of resources regarding homes, money, health, emergency, jobs, travel, and a section called ‘better for you’.

General tips for how to be an adult.

Another list of general tips.

Super Guide to Being an Adult – long list of sites

As far as eating and food, here are some resources and tips:

Moving and your first place

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