Resources for Trans Individuals.

th (8)So I wanted to compile a short list of resources for trans individuals about housing and clothing resources, different master posts with resources, and stories from trans people themselves. And I really wanted to specifically collect resources for trans people rather than for allies. This is just the beginning of what’s available but I hope this is a least a little helpful for someone!

General Resources

  • So you think you might be trans? Notes and resources from Everyday Feminism 
  • The Tumblr Transgender Clothing Exchange
  • The Transgender Housing Network
  • The Trans Life Line (staffed by trans people for trans people)
  • Domestic Violence: A Resource for Trans People – for the UK
  • A US Based Domestic Violence Resource
  • Swim Suits for Trans Individuals
  • Life Outside the Binary
  • FORGE – Publications and Resources

Resource master posts

  • Life Outside the Binary’s Resource Master post, including:
    • Looking for a bathroom?
    • I Think I Might be Trans – Now What do I do?
    • WPATH – Standards of Care
  • Nonbinary Resources, including:
  • Coming Out: Resources for Nonbinary Folks
  • Coming Out as Transgender, Genderqueer, and/or Non-Binary Master post
  • QPOC Coming Out/Support Resources Master post
  • Trans Day of Visibility Master post

Trans Women Resources

  • DMAB Resource List from Life Outside the Binary
  • Tucking and Other Skills Your Cis Parents Didn’t Tell You About
    • Tucking How To

Trans Men Resources

  • Binding 101 – don’t use Ace bandages or duct tape while binding!! Those are not meant to be used for binding and can cause serious physical problems
    • Trans Guys – Chest Binding 101 (includes places to find new and used binders and how to choose a chest binder)
    • Underworks Tri Top Chest Binder
    • TransActive’s In a Bind program
  • Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

Individual Stories and Narratives

  • Micah – Neutrois Nonsense
  • Out of This Binary -collab YouTube series
  • Queerbb – YouTube videos from Winley
  • Brooke – transgirltumbling
  • Janet Mock – Redefining Realness

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