nuJ22FbzOver the past several weeks and continuing throughout the summer, community organizers and the organization Operation Help or Hush have been working on regular events in several cities across the United States that accomplish several different things. D.A. Krolak wrote a great explanation of the events, saying that:

#FreedomSummer15 [Freedom Summer 2015] is a series of events in eight cities nationwide, taking place in major metropolises, created to celebrate black culture & community while also providing  moments of levity or bonding away from the day-to-day front lines of activist work. These free events and spaces can provide activists working for social justice and equality chances to connect within their neighborhoods and fellow foot soldiers. (source)

Some of the events have been lunches in different cities that provide food and community! For more about what’s happening with the different lunches and events, check out the hashtags for each city:

  • #BaltimoreLunch
  • #STLLunch
  • #FreedomSummerPhilly – starting this weekend!

To help or donate for these events: donate to Operation Help or Hush

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