CLBmOD1UsAAgAZGToday, the hashtag #BlackWomenEqualPay on Twitter has been taking about the intersection of race and gender in regards to wages and money. Sarah Mirk wrote an article about five facts to know today about the issue, including the fact that women of color are more likely to work for minimum wage than white Americans (despite being one of the most educated groups in the US). Today was chosen as the day for the hashtag because it would take a black woman a year plus until July 28th of the next year to make what a white man is paid in one year.

The nonprofit group Atlanta Women for Equality was the group to start the hashtag to bring attention to the differences in wages between black women and white men, as research has shown that black women are typically paid $0.64 to every $1 that a white man makes. The group called for everyone (especially black women) to take selfies with a symbolic time card graphic that shows you clocking out at 2:07pm (64% into the average 9-5 job). Yesha Callahan also wrote about the hashtag and background behind it for The Root and Monica Simpson also wrote about black women pay for inequity.

And all my support goes out to the black women speaking out on the hashtag today because the internet has never been a safe space from the racist and sexist trolls that occupy space. To all the trolls out there denying the fact that black women are not paid enough for their work, it’s hilarious how unbelievably wrong you are. And one way (of so many) to be an ally in this situation (especially as a man) (and other than not harassing people, which should be a given) is to give your money to women.

2 thoughts on “#BlackWomenEqualPay

  1. I totally agree. I’m dealing with this at my job now. Something needs to be done.

    • That’s so frustrating that you’re dealing with this at your job right now. And I agree – something definitely needs to be done!


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