Podcasts (pt 2)

podcast1-780_wideSo several months ago I wrote about some of my favorite podcasts and since then, that list has grown! This list right now is about the podcasts  I know I love already(*) but the ones I’m excited to start listening to(**).

Last Name Basis* – husband and wife duo Patrick and Franchesa talk about what’s happening in the world as well as married life and their dogs.

Belabored Podcast** – This is one I haven’t listened to yet but Belabored is a podcast from Dissent Magazine about the labor movement.

Lore Podcast* – this is a biweekly podcast about true life scary stories and each episode looks into the truth behind a uniquely scary story. I have honestly gasped audibly and made faces at the information I learn and some of the stories. Based on this podcast, I guess it’s true what they say – sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Black Girl Dangerous Podcast** – so I haven’t listened to this one yet but Mia McKenzie started a podcast for Black Girl Dangerous and I’m so excited!

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