#sHellNo update

I’ve written about the protests against the Shell that happened in both Seattle and Portland before and recently big news happened with the oil rig that was headed up to Alaska. Shell has decided to abandon the Arctic drilling plan for the foreseeable future!

Shell cited disappointing results from a well drilled in the waters north of the Bering Straight and the federal regulatory environment in offshore Alaska. The company has invested roughly $7billion in this specific project but the Arctic has been said to be a very risky and expensive place to explore and develop.

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Today, something amazing happened: after $7bn spent on mounting an operation to drill in Alaska's remote Chukchi Sea, SHELL OIL ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WILL ABANDON PLANS TO DRILL IN THE ARCTIC FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!!!! This also means that it is highly unlikely that any other oil company will attempt the same! While Shell publicly stated dissatisfying test drill results as their reason, they have admitted off the record that the mounting pressure from protests and the bad publicity that came along with it, also contributed to their decision! This means that every person who took to exercising their RIGHT TO PROTEST, on land, on water, hanging off a bridge ❤️, should feel extremely vindicated right now!We had the honor and privilege to paddle side by side with indigenous folks, @greenpeaceusa activists and good folks from all around this bio-region at the protest that kicked it all off this spring #paddleinseattle for #shellno And let me tell you: IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A SMALL PART OF A MOVEMENT THAT ACTUALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE. I'm also here to tell you that beyond whimsical forest photos and #dreamy country life of "authentic" living, being part of the climate movement is an actual, real way to enact positive change in the world, and find meaning in the frightening, complex era we find ourselves living in. The Earth is not some filtered image, or an emoji, and nature is not a place we visit for photo shoots; IT'S OUR ONLY HOME! Explore #climatechange #climatejustice read #thischangeseverything join @greenpeace @350org support indigenous efforts to keep oil companies off their land #idlenomore and most importantly: BRING YOUR BODY PEACEFULLY TO A PROTEST! More thoughts on blog, link in profile ❤️🌏❤️ ( #personalisthepolitical )

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