Donald Trump.


I honestly thought that Donald Trump was kidding when he first started his campaign for the 2016 presidential race. But now that he’s winning, I’m actually kind of nervous because that means there are people out there who support him and would actually vote for him. That and he’s not actually kidding with this “Make America Great Again” campaign.

I mean this is the guy who thinks that the Washington R*dskins is a good (and totally not racist) name for a major league football team (which it’s totally racist by the way), who has also made several pretty creepy sexual comments about his daughter, has continued to make some not so great comments about Mexicans and Latin@ immigrants, and is really great at insulting just about every type of person (particularly women). Even Jeb Bush called Trump out for trying to insult his way to the presidency.

To be really honest, I keep hoping this is just some sort of really drawn out joke and Donald Trump isn’t actually running. (But I’m also naively optimistic.) I just don’t understand why anyone would vote for him.