How I Identify.

To be really and utterly honest, I’m not entirely sure how I officially identify but it’s definitely something that I think about on a regular basis. I constantly wonder how to explain my identity but personally I love reclaiming the term queer because it gives me a certain sense of flexibility of expression.

I am attracted in some way to more than one gender and it was recently reading through Eliel Cruz’s commentary on why he claims bisexuality that I came to appreciate that identity as well as queer. But there’s a part of me that also really identifies as asexuality and biromantic (similar to how Cruz defines bisexual but strictly romantic).

And as far as my gender, I really love the identity of non binary woman (but not a trans woman and definitely not impacted by transmisogyny). Phoenix (neoliberalismkills on tumblr) wrote about what being a nonbinary woman meant for her and there’s so much about it that resonates with my own experience. There’s so much of womanhood that I do relate to on a daily basis but so much of my own experiences are also nonbinary in my own way. I feel like I don’t relate to my assigned gender at birth in the way that many cis women do and there are days where my own gender varies.


One thought on “How I Identify.

  1. I have come to like adding on descriptors to my basic self-designation as bisexual. Thus, I am a butch bisexual queer woman who is genderfluid and, at times, bigendered. At this moment, that feels just about right. When I was young, very few descriptors or variations had words assigned to them. And the word queer sent fists flying.

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