Halloween part 2

I’ve written about Halloween already this month (and once last year too) but I wanted to include some more links to and reminders about the holiday, about racist/problematic costumes, and cultural appropriation.



Cultural Appropriation

Lastly, some easy and last minute Halloween costume ideas:

  • Life – wear a shirt that says life and hand out lemons
  • A Ceiling Fan – Put a sign that says “Go Ceilings!!!!” on your shirt.
  • A ghost – white sheet over your head (maybe include eye holes to see)
  • Nudist on strike – wear clothes and have a cardboard sign with the phrase “nudist on strike”
  • Waldo of Where’s Waldo

2 thoughts on “Halloween part 2

  1. Speaking of Halloween, if you feel like losing whatever faith in humanity you have left, you should read the comments sections on some of the articles about the Teal Pumpkin movement to provide allergy-free Halloween candy.

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