Being Trans.

There’s no right way to be transgender – you don’t have to still fit into the gender binary after coming out, you don’t have to fit into the ‘born in the wrong body’ narrative, you don’t have to race to transition (or even medically transition!), you don’t have to do anything other than be authentically you in whatever way you can.

Trans is an inclusive term that covers so many different identities and experiences and there are plenty of resources that cover trans 101 material. There are days that have happened like #TransLiberationTuesday and the annual #TransDayOfVisibility that call on awareness for the issues facing trans people and education for those not familiar with the community.

Being trans can be hard but unbelievably fulfilling. As trans people, we are more likely to attempt or commit suicide but there are people and resources are out there to help and support you. We (especially trans women of color and black trans women) are more at risk for violence. But there are so many wonderful things about being trans as well. There are others out there going through similar experiences, many of whom are here to love and support anyone going through rough times. And the trans community is wonderful, diverse, and includes so many different experiences.