Starbucks Red Holiday Cups.

download (1)Every year, there are many things that people get excited about as far as Starbucks drinks – pumpkin spice lattes in October/early fall and the holiday drinks and cups are probably some of the biggest. (Living in Washington state and so close to where Starbucks began means I never escape the chain…)

download (2)For nearly two decades, Starbucks has had decorative red cups to celebrate the holidays and winter. This year has been a little different than past years though because instead of the festive decorations of prior years, this year’s red cup is just red.

And this year’s change has actually brought outcry because there are people who think the design change is actually a War on Christmas and that Starbucks did it because they hate Jesus. (Honestly I really wish I was making this up.) But, the thing is that there is no war on Christmas and Starbucks didn’t do this because they hate Jesus.

There is a larger picture here of people thinking that there is a war of Christmas and that within the US, Christians are oppressed. Fox News seems to be a big perpetrator of the idea, although there was a Catholic priest that actually called Fox and Friends out on that. But there is no war on Christmas and Christians are not oppressed within the US and have many privileges and corporations to support. There is so much within the US that is influenced by Christianity and like Cord Jefferson points out in one article, there is hardly a shortage of Christian political leaders in high ranking offices:

Our current president is Christian, like every president before him, and more than 90 percent of the 112th Congress is some iteration of Christian. Nearly all our important political addresses are appended with “God Bless the United States of America,” and millions of American children are still forced to pledge their allegiance to “one nation under God” every weekday.

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