Paris Attacks and Encryption.

In addition to the back lash against Syrian refugees because of the Paris attacks (among many other things that have happened afterwards), another thing that has happened over the past week has been people and top officials blaming Edward Snowden for the attacks. (Yes that’s apparently been a thing.)

The current CIA director John Brennan and his predecessor James Woolsey have claimed that what Snowden leaked taught terrorists how to use encryption and other ways to evade detection, despite the fact that terrorists were using encryption technology to evade detection long before Snowden. Woolsey even went as far as to say that the blood of French people are on Snowden’s hands because of his leaks and even the London mayor Boris Johnson directly linked Snowden’s leaking to the Paris attacks.

But the thing is that there should be no blame on Edward Snowden for the attacks in Paris last week. Amy Davidson wrote about how we shouldn’t be blaming Edward Snowden, saying among other things that any disempowerment that may have come from Snowden’s leaks should come from them, as they were the ones breaking the rules. And Glenn Greenwald was on Democracy Now! last week, talking about how US officials have been exploiting the attacks to defend spying and attack Snowden.


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