My own world of depression.

My world right now is undeniably defined by my depression but very few have seen anything into what it’s like. Most of the time, I’m able to slap a fake smile and go about part of the day, leading to the fact that my family has seen a few moments here and there of depression and friends have seen even less. It’s not a world I regularly invite others to experience with me because it’s often a place of intense vulnerability for me.

I sleep a lot and I’m always tired. I fluctuate between feeling too much emotion and feeling nothing at all, with almost no in between. When I’m happy, I cry; when I watch videos of cats and dogs and a mariachi band playing to a beluga, I cry; when something emotional happens on a television show I’m watching, I cry. I could be happy, confused, sad, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, a wide variety of things make me cry. And if it doesn’t make me cry, it’s possible I’ll get irritated.