Her Story.


Her Story is a upcoming new media series that looks at the dating lives of trans and queer women and I’m so excited to watch it. The trailer (below) is amazing and one of the reasons I’m so excited is that not only is the show about trans and queer women but the much of the cast and crew are trans and queer women.

And that’s unfortunately such a rare thing to see in the media (particularly mainstream media), as many of the rare trans and queer roles go to people who are cisgender and usually straight. (Such as: Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game, Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer’s Club, and the list will literally keep going because apparently while Hollywood is ready for trans characters, they’re not that ready for trans actors.) And it’s even more rare to see plenty of trans and queer people behind the camera in different roles as well. But in this project, so much of the story and work has been done by trans and queer women.

There has been press about the show, including an interview with Jen Richards (writer/producer/star of the show), an interview with Laura Zak, Jen Richards, and Angelica Ross, and was featured on So POPular with Janet Mock. And seriously, the more I read or watch, the more and more excited I get for this series! The show will be coming out in January 2016 and you can donate to the project here.


4 thoughts on “Her Story.

  1. And yet…

    No sign of masculine-presenting queer women, or butches that female-identify, or butches, period.


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