Healing and Safe Spaces.

Having spaces specifically for marginalized identities can often be lifesaving and revolutionary because in a country and culture where institutional racism, heterosexism, transphobia/transmisogyny, and many other things exist, it can be exhausting to continuously have to defend or debate your entire identity. Safe spaces allow for a network of support and understanding and healing spaces allow for a space for marginalized folks free from the impact of dominant group.

Being around people with similar experiences, being in healing and accepting places is revolutionary because they provide safety to those who experience violence and microaggressions on a regular basis. In the midst of a culture that is incredibly harsh and unwelcoming to marginalized identities, safe spaces allow for people to feel safe (shocking I know), without the fear of being judged or unwelcome.

If you ever feel left out or offended because of [identity] only spaces like healing ones and you’re not that identity, take a step back and realize it’s not all about you. Knowing your lack of a role within healing spaces that aren’t meant for you is important because by honoring that safe space for others, you allow people access to heal and feel free for a moment.

That’s a big part of being an ally to any community – the fight for justice and acceptance is not going to be about you as the privileged person and we as privileged people have to realize having spaces for specific identities only can be incredibly healing and wonderful for those involved.


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