Quote on Tina Fey.

Like numerous residents of the feminist blogosphere, I’m disappointed in Fey’s persistent bullying of sex workers and other women she judges to be inappropriately sexual. While she skewers society for shitting on the fairer sex, she turns around and does the exact same thing to those lower than her in the social hierarchy.

[…] It’s not my goal to police the feminism of random celebrities. But when you publicly brand yourself as a feminist and reap huge rewards from that brand, you open yourself up to criticism and debate. Being a feminist is not just about standing up for people like you. It’s about standing up for all women who are being oppressed for bullshit reasons, which include interlocking factors of race, class, gender identity, sexuality, et cetera. I find it disappointing (if unsurprising) that not a single interviewer has held Fey’s feet to the fire about this essential hypocrisy as she promotes her latest movie to the masses. Consider this my attempt at doing just that.

Jamie Peck in Tina Fey’s Disappointing Feminist Hypocrisy


5 thoughts on “Quote on Tina Fey.

  1. I tend to find judgments over other people’s “inappropriate” behavior relate more to their class of origin than to their political or ideological beliefs. In capitalist society it’s the middle class role (as teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers, etc) to make (mainly unwritten) rules about the behavior of individuals who are down the hierarchy.

  2. This is totally off topic, but WordPress doesn’t have a messaging system and I really want to know your opinion on something. Have you seen the Pitch Perfect movies, and if so, do you have an opinion on their portrayal of queer women?

    • For some reason this totally went to my spam inbox instead of actually posting?! So I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to reply!

      But I’ve only seen the first Pitch Perfect movie a few months after it came out so I don’t really have an opinion? Slash I can’t really remember specific details. I’m really curious about this now – I might have to watch both of them soon.

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