Josephine by J Mase III

The above poem is one of my favorites – it’s from J Mase III about what the Bible says about trans and gender nonconforming people. And I love it so much because despite growing up in a secular house, I spent most of my education in a Catholic school setting and came out while at a Catholic university. So after watching this for the first time a few years ago, I nearly cried because for the first time I felt like people like me were in fact in the Bible.

Theology is often and regularly used by some to regulate and control the lives of others so to see videos like the one above is amazing because it’s reclaiming something that has so long been used against queer and trans people. Queer theology makes space for queer people in places we are not only shoved out from but ones that regularly dehumanize us and our experiences and reminds us and everyone else that God does in fact love us.