Super Bowl Displacement.

Today is Super Bowl 50 and many are excited to watch the game, halftime show, commercials, or some combination of all three. But something not usually talked about with this major sporting event is the impact it has on the hosting city. This year, the game is in Santa Clara but San Francisco has had week long festivities celebrating the game – something that the city’s taxpayers have footed the bill for.

These festivities have also displaced the homeless population of San Francisco and protests have occurred in reaction to the proclamation from the city’s mayor that the homeless in the area would have to relocate. And there are other Bay Area residents who have been protesting against the Super Bowl for additional reasons – some including police brutality and gentrification.

This year’s game isn’t the first time that protests have occurred surrounding the biggest football game of the year. Last year, a coalition of Native American groups, organizations, and activists protested the name of the Washington DC team, domestic violence, and violence against native women. A protest in 1992 happened because of the DC team’s name – meaning that there’s still so much work to be done with very little progress.

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