Beyoncé has been in the news a lot lately – from her role in the latest Coldplay music video to her release of the song and music video Formation to preforming with Coldplay and Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl half time among other things. Rather than try to write a think piece or critically about issues related to all of these things, here are some articles that I’ve been reading for the past week and a half.

These two more have to do with Coldplay and their latest music video Hymn for the Weekend (which features Beyoncé), set in India:


4 thoughts on “Beyoncé.

  1. That article about Katrina is incredibly interesting. While the author speaks to the essential Blackness of that experience, and 1000% rightfully so, it makes me wonder instead about the politics of disaster. Katrina may be a very recent disaster for us to call on when we need its power, but it isn’t the only one; people drop the word “Holocaust” any time they want, and the sinking of the Titanic is practically a joke punchline these days. Even 9-11 is brought up all the time without thought to how many people in our country may suffer PTSD from it. With so little understanding in the general public about disasters, both natural and manmade, it’s no wonder we don’t even consider the long-term psychological aspects of them. The author of that article is right; dredging up Katrina imagery just to make a statement is a shitty thing to do when you weren’t there. And if you’re using shock images to make a statement to white people, it’s best to remember what those images mean to your people too. Very interesting…

    • That’s one of the biggest criticisms I’ve seen of the Formation video – the visuals are incredibly powerful but there is that consideration of how the disaster impacted people who went through it.

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