The Young Lords.

ylA couple years after the Black Panther Party was getting started in Oakland, CA, another organization was starting in New York City, based from a Chicago gang of the same name. The Young Lords were Puetro Rican activists who called for justice and ran very similar programs to the Black Panthers. In fact, the Young Lords were inspired by the Black Panther Party and provided free breakfast programs for children, tuberculosis screenings in their neighborhoods (at one point – members had to take over the city’s truck that would go around doing tuberculosis related x-rays), even got the city to start picking up festering garbage through a garbage dumping demonstration.

For awhile, the Young Lords also occupied an East Harlem church, turning it into a food dispensary and free clinic during the day and performance space at night. At least, they did until the police evicted them. And in 1970, the organization also occupied the Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx to bring attention to the terrible conditions at the hospital and health care issues. Plus, the organization, like the Black Panther Party, also had a biweekly and bilingual newspaper called Palante – many of the publications were recently  in a tripartite exhibition called ¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York.

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