Hollywood’s Racism Problem.

I’ve repeatedly written about this topic like #OscarsSoWhite and diversity in Hollywood but with the Oscars happening right now, it’s important to remember the problems that exist in Hollywood and media in general. And it’s more than just the Oscars – there’s a systemic issue within Hollywood around diversity and representation. Although, Bitch Media’s brief list of terrible things white celebrities have said about #OscarsSoWhite should really say something about how some individual celebrities are reacting to the hashtag.

There are people who are calling out and talking about this issue, like April Reign who started #OscarsSoWhite or Dylan Marron who is hosting an Oscar screening party in the theme of his #EverySingleWord project (and this screening is raising money to help low income New Yorkers get involved with the film industry). And it’s important to talk about these issues and why representation is important.