Women’s History Month.

women-historyYesterday marked the beginning of Women’s History Month – a relatively new addition in the US that honors and pays tribute to all the women and their work. And there’s so much work that women of all intersections have done throughout history that has repeatedly been ignored by many. So this month, I’ll be learning and writing about some of these women and their work/accomplishments.

But I did want to start this month off by saying that this month I’ll be honoring all women who have come before me and those who still exist now – trans women, women of color, mothers, aunts, poor women, immigrants, educated women, some combination of the above, and more.

I am here for the most marginalized as well as the most privileged. I am here for the women that history has forgotten and the ones that have been forcibly erased. I am here for the women who look like me and the ones that don’t. I am here for women struggling with various issues and to relearn history.

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