Moving to Canada.

There are plenty of people that have been joking about moving to Canada around the times of presidential elections here in the United States and at least for me, the joke seems to have more weight and audience this year than in the past. One Canadian island has an entire site inviting people from the US to move there if Donald Trump wins and even Canada’s Prime Minister has joked about it. Google searches for how to move to Canada spiked way up after Trump’s win on Super Tuesday.

And while many of the people saying they’d move to Canada won’t, the entire conversation says a lot about who is saying all of this and privilege itself. Turns out moving to Canada is filled with hidden fees – making it even more difficult for some than others. Plus, while there are white people joking about moving to Canada, many people of color here in the United States are legitimately scared for their safety because of Trump.

image1 (5)I think that joking about moving to Canada can be fun – for most, it is nothing just a joke and won’t actually happen. But I also think that when white liberals do that, we tend to ignore how both countries are settler ones and ignore our own privilege and responsibility in deconstructing white supremacy. Instead of facing the horrifying terror that comes with Donald Trump and other issues, we joke about bailing the second it gets too real for us.


2 thoughts on “Moving to Canada.

  1. Normally the moving to Canada stuff bothers me, and I think it kind of sucks as a joke, but this time around I am honestly scared (like literally afraid for my safety) if Trump gets elected. Of course no idea how I would afford it, and when I looked at info for moving to Canada it says you can’t have any serious illness, which makes it sound like I couldn’t. :-\

    • I’ve made the moving to canada joke a few times, in part because I live right next to Canada. But looking into it, it does seem really prohibitive PLUS Canada isn’t a problem free country. And I’m also terrified if Trump gets elected – although his campaign is enough for me to be scared for not only my own safety but for others as well! His rallies and supporters keep getting violent against marginalized people and its so scary.

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