International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day – a day inspired by factory women going on strike for better wages and working conditions. The podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You goes in depth into the secret history of the day, particularly the importance of working class issues within feminism then and now. (Just in general and if you’re interested in feminism/women in history, I’d recommend that podcast – they have episodes on lady truckers/mechanics, abortion and reproductive justice, anxiety/mental health, and so much  more.) But today has its roots in celebrating working class women and has become a day to recognize the achievements of women today and throughout history.

Women of all different intersectional identities have existed throughout history in various ways. There are several different photo series that highlight queer women and women of color from history (although not all are named unfortunately). Women like Rosa Parks, Syliva Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lorde, Hatshepsut, and many more have made a huge impact on history and while there are many remembered for their work and accomplishments, there are many others that are forgotten and erased.

Women have been pirates, have worked in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields like astronomy, have lead nations all through history, among so many other things and it’s important that we don’t forget that.

I’ve said this so many times before but seriously – to all the women out there, you’re amazing and wonderful and I’m 100% here for you. Women are strong and resilient and have been for generations upon generations.