Quote on Colorblindness.

Some white people seem to think that talking about race automatically accuses all white people of racism. But by claiming colorblindness, they are shifting the conversation away from the injustices that people of color face and toward their own actions as self-proclaimed allies, as if the topic of the conversation should be about how great they are for supporting minorities.

This is exactly what’s happening when some white people insist on saying “all lives matter” instead of “black lives matter.” They are effectively ignoring the centuries-long history of black oppression which has fostered the stereotypes and prejudices that cause police officers to target African Americans. They are ignoring African Americans who are saying that the police are disproportionately murdering them and they are shifting the conversation away from the problem. This is yet another version of colorblindness, pretending that everyone is the same and ignoring the fact that our differences determine who the police give the benefit of the doubt.

Laura Jue, You Are Not Colorblind, FEM Magazine