Why I am Pro-Choice.

I am adamantly pro-choice in the issue of abortion and in the sense of reproductive health. There are so many reasons for this but the biggest and most fundamental reasons lies with the fact that I believe in the person’s choice of what to do with their life and their body.

And I truly support any and all decisions because being pro choice isn’t some end all belief that everyone should be getting an abortion – just that people have the safe and legal option to do so if they so chose. It’s supporting people who want to carry out the pregnancy and those who don’t and supporting parents once the child is here, whether they give the child up for adoption or not.

Abortion still remains an incredibly stigmatized procedure but there are people who have come forward with their own experiences having one in various ways. Shout Your Abortion is a social media campaign that is aiming to normalize what really is a pretty standard procedure and the organization Not Alone lets people who’ve had abortions that they are not alone. And if you’ve had an abortion, just know that you are not alone and you’re not this terrible person that so many are trying to say you are. You are wonderful and I support you. ❤

A part of the conversation also comes with safe and legal options for abortion if that’s something that people chose – around the nation, clinics are closing their doors and shutting down services because of legislation regarding abortion and reproductive health. There are people all around losing access to important health care in addition to abortion services because of anti-abortion rhetoric and legislation and there are even cases where that same rhetoric has put other people at high risk, as Tamesha Means points out in a piece about her experience being denied care at a Catholic hospital while having a miscarriage.

Closing clinic doors and passing anti-choice legislation will do nothing to prevent people from trying to access abortions. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz wrote about the return of the DIY abortion and the rise in self abort Google searches with clinics shutting down. Strict anti-abortion laws in Texas shut down thirteen abortion clinics in late 2014, meaning that for around a million women, getting care from a nearby clinic means a 300 round trip drive. The only thing that closing down those clinics seems to do is prevent people from accessing safe care, not the service all together.

Ultimately though, I have been pro-choice for several years and still am because I believe that people should have the choice if they want or need it. I also believe in accessible, safe, and holistic health care – care that people are not only able to financially access but have access to the best care and options for their needs. I support Planned Parenthood because it offers abortion services but also because they offer so much more – prenatal care so that the pregnancy is healthy for everyone, cancer screenings, birth control, STI screening and treatment, etc.