Violence at Trump Rallies.

I’ve written about Trump before a couple times now and there’s a tiny part of me that’s still waiting for his candidacy to be a joke because it really doesn’t seem real. His entertainment factor as a former reality tv star has hijacked politics.

His supporters and rallies have turned violent in on more than a few occasions and Trump has literally supported so much of it. At a rally in Iowa, he offered to pay legal fees and defend in court for anyone who beat up any protestors and even if he doesn’t (and he apparently denies ever saying it), he has repeatedly supported the violence done in his name and because of his words. Some Trump supporters have hurled foul language and hateful words at protesters and have repeatedly and literally beat up people. Even Ben Carson has encouraged Trump supporters to fight protesters.

There have been many of Trump rallies in which protesters have shown up but the ones in Chicago and Kansas City took it up a notch. The one in Chicago ended up being canceled after fighting broke out between supporters and protesters and after a large demonstration against Trump occurred – something that was organized by black, Latino, and Muslim college students. Another rally in St. Louis was shut down for ten minutes, in part because of a coordinated effort from undercover protesters. Also, people protesting and shutting down his rallies doesn’t really infringe on his First Amendment rights.

Ultimately though, I keep coming back to the fact that Trump is running for president of the US and is actively encouraging people to beat up those who speak or protest against him. I don’t understand how he is a legitimate candidate, especially because it seems like many of his supporters like him because he speaks his mind rather than his policies or stances. Trump at this point is literally so much of the bad of the US – racism, sexism and misogyny, ableism. He has brought out the worst in people and I don’t want him as the next commander in chief.