Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day – a day in which America’s hat celebrates the beginning of the country. Living so close to the Canadian border for most of my life has meant that despite being a US citizen and being here most of my life, I have a deep appreciation for the country. (This vine might be one of my favorite things.)

Canada isn’t a perfect place – the indigenous peoples there have and continue to face a plethora of human rights violations, Vancouver’s homeless population continues to rise, and the country hasn’t always been welcoming to immigrants (especially if they were people of color coming to the country). But today isn’t one to remember all the horrible things about the country (although we shouldn’t forget them) – rather it’s a day to celebrate the best that it has to offer.

nndafdnfadsThis is a country with access to three oceans, a wide range of wilderness, some of the cleanest air in the world, universal healthcare, and so much more. Yeah sure Justin Bieber came from there but so does poutine and who doesn’t love cheese and potatoes?

So to all the Canadians out there: happy Canada Day! May your day be filled with maple syrup and hockey.

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