The Gilmore Girls Reboot.

I am a big Gilmore Girls fan – I initially watched the show episode by episode on ABC Family, where one episode would play every weekday at 5pm. For a few years, my mom, sister, and I watched a few episodes each week and bonded over the adventures of the mother-daughter duo. Being able to watch the entire series on Netflix was so great and like many other fans, I was very disappointed in the seventh and final season.

But hearing that there would be a reboot and seeing all the trailers and videos is really exciting. This show is far from perfect and has its own flaws but I have such great memories of watching it with my family that I’m really excited about what’s to come.

The reboot will be four 90 minute episodes so while not a traditional television season, we’ll still be getting a lot of the Gilmore Girls! The above trailer really tells a lot about what the episodes will have, including how the family is handling Richard’s death (already crying) and the fact that Melissa McCarthy will be back as Sookie, even just for a scene or two!

But with all this excitement and happy crying, I’m still trying really hard to keep some realistic expectations. If the reboots of Arrested Development and Full House are any indication, we as fans might not want to get too excited. I personally have faith in Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino (the original show runners and writers) but I’m also trying really hard not to compare this new stuff with the original show.

For me, Gilmore Girls is a wonderful show, filled with weird and quirky characters. I love the fact that it’s focused primarily on the relationship between a fiercely independent mother and daughter duo. It’s ‘sneakily feminist’ (as Lauren Graham said once), witty, fast paced, and wonderful. I’m so excited to see what the reboot has in store!