Get Out.

Despite being an avid lover of ghost stories and haunted houses, I’m not much of a horror movie fan. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to this film genre – I saw the film Quarantine and barely slept for a few days and there were some episodes of the show Supernatural that freaked me out if I watched them too late at night. But when the film Get Out came out with wild praises, I was intrigued by and ultimately loved the film.

Get Out is the thriller/horror directorial debut from Jordan Peele and follows a guy named Chris as he goes with his girlfriend, Rose, to meet her family for a weekend. However, Chris is a black man, Rose is a white woman, and something really weird and mysterious is happening on her family’s estate. Through their relationship and Rose’s family and their traditions, the film delves into the idea that the US is a ‘post-racial’ society and the microaggressions and racism from ‘well meaning’ and liberal white folks through the lens of a horror movie/plot.

Rather than offering up my own thoughts on the film, I wanted to highlight some of the amazing pieces and thoughts that many others are sharing about the film. I should note that many of these pieces and interviews are filled with spoilers so I recommend seeing the film before reading and listening.

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