This weekend revisited.

I wrote on Monday that I haven’t been able to stop reading what’s been going and honestly, that hasn’t changed. There’s still so much that’s going on and so much that’s come out just in the last couple days. I wanted to share more articles and videos to really continue putting everything in context but to also just show how horrifying things are right now.

Living as a white person not in the south means I can easily put blinders on to everything that’s happening and just move on with my day. That’s the incredibly easy but ultimately wrong way to go because it means that I’m still complicit in white supremacy. I may not be a white supremacist but my silence makes me complicit in all the wrong that’s going on and I do not want to do that.

I compiled this list (and Monday’s list) of things to read and watch because they cover incredibly difficult topics and help rip apart the idea that we live in a “post racial” society. I want to confront the many ways in which racism, white supremacy, and many other forms of oppression exist in our world today and understanding all those ways is just the start of that. There are so many different ways to continue this fight – some of these ways were written about on Twitter by Aura Bogado (thread found here).

I’ll be writing about things we as white people can do now to move forward in the fight for racial justice/equity and against racism/white supremacy soon. In the mean time, here are some things I’ve written in the past: