an update.

Hey y’all! So it’s been almost a month since I last posted and I wanted to write a quick update. Things are pretty okay for me, all things considered. Life for me have been hectic this month and I’m still trying to deal with my (failing) mental health. But I’m here and I’m starting the slow process of getting my life back together.

I’ve been doing a bunch of adulting this past week, resulting in a huge amount of anxiety. But as I’ve learned, my anxiety always does better if I just deal with the problem/thing immediately. It literally took me until I was in my early 20s to realize that addressing the source of my anxiety would actually make the thing go away and thus, my anxiety would go away as well. I come from a family of procrastinators so I’m not surprised it took me that long and I still try and not deal with issues immediately.

I’m also really excited because I had a really tough conversation with a loved one recently and it went pretty well. I opened up (again) about my mental health and we cried a lot. I wish I had been more open but I’m still so wary of trusting people, especially those closest to me, with what’s actually happening with me. Ultimately though, a lot of good came out of the conversation and I’m so glad it happened. I really hope this is just the first step towards becoming more open about my mental health and the first step in getting my shit together.

It’s been too long since I finished school and I’ve honestly just been drifting since then. Every so often, I get really passionate about getting back on track but there’s something about this time that just seems different. I feel… happier, more determined this time. And it feels like I’m starting to build back the community and friendships that I’ve lost.

All in all, things are going pretty okay for me. I’m surviving and starting the journey to thriving. It’ll be a long journey but I’m finally hopeful about life.

I do want to mention that there’s obviously been a lot going on over the past few weeks. For more info or to support those impacted by the numerous natural disasters, here are some places to start:

I also recommend researching the organizations before supporting them and Charity Navigator is one step in that process.

If you’re a fan of podcasts and are able/want to, I recommend listening to NPR’s Up First and The New York Times’ The Daily. These two podcasts have new episodes each weekday about the biggest news stories of that day. Up First is shorter and deals with 2-3 stories with some context. The Daily is a bit longer and typically deals with one major story with a bit more context. But The Daily does end each episode with a few other stories you should be aware of.


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