Binge Worthy Podcasts

Whether you’re getting ready for a long trip, training for an upcoming race, or are simply just looking for a new podcast to listen to, there are a few different podcasts that are both long but super interesting. I’d definitely recommend these shows for when you do have a whole lot of time to dedicate to them because not only are they long (a couple hours at least), they’re incredibly interesting!

36 Questions

This is a rather unique show, in that it’s a podcast musical. Entirely comprised in audio form, this musical is about the failing relationship of a couple and their attempts to fix it. The show is, in part, centered on a scientific study that looked to foster intimacy between strangers by asking 36 questions.

36 Questions manages to find that perfect rhythm of a musical for your ears. With sound effects and a solid reason why we’re hearing this (it’s being recording on Judith’s phone, something she did regularly), the show invites you into this intimate and emotional show between two characters. The soundtrack is filled with these amazing songs that will have you singing along in no time; the voice acting brings life to these characters we never see; and the sound effects make the show sound incredibly real.

Listen wherever you find podcasts.

A Piece of Work

In partnership with WNYC and MoMA, A Piece of Work is hosted by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson. In the 10 episode show, Abbi talks to curators, artists, and friends about different pieces of modern and contemporary art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The show is incredibly interesting, especially considering it takes pieces of visual art into an audio format. Jacobson talks with friends like RuPaul, Hannibal Buress, and Tavi Gevinson about pieces and artists like Sol LeWitt, Andy Warhol, and experiments with video as a medium.

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From Two Up Productions (the same folks behind 36 Questions), Limetown is one of those shows that makes me love the podcast medium. This fictional true crime show is about the mystery of Limetown, a fictional town of 300ish people that disappeared overnight after a rather ominous 911 call. For over a decade, no one knew what happened to the population of Limetown or what happened before, during, or after that 911 call to the outside world. That is, until now. The show follows Lia Haddock as she unravels the mystery behind Limetown for the first time in ten years.

Season two of the show is coming out soon and a prequel novel will be released on November 13th, 2018. You can listen to the show wherever you find podcasts and pre-order the novel at a local bookstore near you.

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo (Season Two)

Connie Walker is an investigative journalist and the host of the CBC podcast, Missing and Murdered. The show has two seasons that look into the disappearance and potential murders of indigenous women in Canada. In the second season, Walker works with a family from Saskatchewan, Canada to find their sister, Cleo, who had been adopted out to a family in the United States in the 1970s. They had been told she died not too long after being adopted but the exact details, including where she was buried, were unknown to them.

Throughout the show, Walker takes the audience on the journey to find out what happened to Cleo after she was taken from her home with her siblings and individually adopted out to different families in Canada and the United States. Walker manages to talk about this specific family’s trauma and the context that allowed for this family to be separated, as they had been a part of the Sixties Scoop.

Mild spoilers but this show does deal with family trauma, mental illness, and suicide. Listen wherever you find podcasts.

This American Life

As one of the most popular radio shows and podcasts in the United States, it’s hard to make a list of podcasts without including This American Life from WBEZ Chicago. Each week, there’s an hour long show about life here in the US. Some shows are about one specific story while others have several stories revolving around a similar thing. Apple Podcasts only has four episodes up at a time but you can listen to other episodes on their website or pay $3 for their own app (on which you can listen to their entire archive as well). Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • The House on Loon Lake (episode #199): this episode is one of those single story ones and is about Adam Beckerman, an abandoned house in New Hampshire, and two people’s attempt to find out why the family that lived there just left everything behind.
  • The Feather Heist (episode #654): this episode is another single story ones and looks into a rather unique crime. Back in 2009, a flute player broke into a Natural History museum in England and stole almost 300 dead birds worth almost a million dollars. The episode is a compelling true story and shares how, why, and the fall out of the break in.

Welcome To Night Vale

This fictional community radio show shares the life of a mysterious desert town called Night Vale. Cecil Palmer is the radio host with a velvety voice and calm understanding regarding the weird events that happen in the town. In addition to the 130+ episodes available wherever you listen to podcasts, there are several live shows you can listen to! The live shows are independent stories so you don’t need to be caught up on the show to attend and/or listen.

Listen wherever you find podcasts.