Trans Day of Remembrance

Edit: So apparently I was wrong about when Trans Day of Remembrance is. It is actually today (November 20th).

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, an annual day to remember and mourn all of our trans siblings that we’ve lost over the year. Trans people, especially trans women of color, are often at the center of anti-LGBTQ violence and over the last year, we’ve lost too many. The official Transgender Day of Remembrance site has a list of those we’ve lost and Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide has a subproject dedicated to monitoring reported killings of gender diverse/trans people around the world. There are, sadly, probably more victims than we know.

This day of remembrance is to remember all those we’ve lost and to bring attention to transphobic and often fatal acts of violence. Some organizations in different places around the world are holding events today to honor and mourn all those we’ve lost. If you can, take some time today to light a candle for all those we’ve lost. Speak their names and honor them. If you’re not trans, take today to mourn with us and starting tomorrow, fight like hell against transphobia and anti-LGBTQ violence. Confront biases and support trans activists when you can.

Finally, I’ve said it before on this blog but to all my trans siblings, I love you and I hope you’re okay today. Take care of yourself today and remember that we won’t be erased. ❤