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Service Trips, White Savior Complex, and Voluntourism Revisited.

A question to all those going or have gone on international service trips – if you could go with no camera, would you? If you weren’t able to share stories from your trip… Continue reading

SAIH Videos on Voluntourism.

I’ve written before about voluntourism and the white savior project but wanted to share a few parody videos from then Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund that relate to these issues.

Quote on Voluntourism.

People on such short trips usually don’t stick around long enough to realize how ineffective they are being.  In Uganda, I got used to seeing groups of young people come for week-long visits at the… Continue reading

Voluntourism Revisited.

A while back, I wrote about the white savior complex and voluntourism, two things that not only have a big impact on local (and usually poor/rural) communities but things I’ve also been complicit… Continue reading

The White Savior Industrial Complex and Voluntourism.

I do want to clarify that I am a privileged white US citizen – for years, I donated to many organizations where I could perform in a white savior way (sponsoring orphans to… Continue reading


Over the course of their existence, planes, trains, and cars have been getting more affordable. Because of that and many other factors, traveling the world has been more accessible than ever! Rather than… Continue reading