ContagiousQueer was a project started in the summer of 2013 as a way for me (Charlie) to be angry while also learning more about the world. It started as a way to learn about oppression and injustice and sharing that journey with others.

This project has grown and changed over the last five or so years. I’ve written about different things in the media, police brutality, being mentally ill, politics, and so much more. Over the last year and a half or so, my commitment to this project has wavered as depression and life have taken over but my commitment to learn more about the world hasn’t left. I still want to learn about all the issues that influence the lives of individual people and want to share all the ways in which I’ve learned how to be a better person.

The goal of ContagiousQueer was originally to be a collection of resources on social justice. I hope that this will still be a place for people to learn and grow but now, I hope this project can be more focused on queer life/history, mental health, and a few other things.

The queer/LGBTQ community is a diverse and wonderful community that I have an immense love for. With ContagiousQueer, I hope to write about all the ways you can learn about queer history and what it’s like to be a part of the community. You’ll be able to see more of that work under the Queer History Archive and LGBTQ Life.

I have written about living with depression and anxiety on this blog before and will continue to do so. Other people talking about their experiences with mental health was a big reason I started to understand all the ways in which mental illness had influenced my life. I wouldn’t have the words and ways to speak about mental health if it weren’t for others speaking so openly about their experiences. I hope that I can help other people by talking about my experience.

ContagiousQueer is first and foremost a project rooted in my own experiences as a mentally ill queer person. I hope to share my own experiences to help others and share information that will help others to better understand others, the world, and themselves.