About The Author

My name is Charlie and I’m a 26 year old college grad. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and I am white, physically abled, queer, fat, middle class, and trans. I wanted to make this blog to help navigate my way through being a social critic, an activist. I also wanted a resource to give to people so that they could learn with me.

I also deal with anxiety and depression, both of which have greatly impacted the way in which I deal with activism. This blog is currently my way of interacting with oppression and privilege and my way of calling out problematic bullshit. As of right now with my anxiety, I’m not great at always being able to call out bullshit (online or real life) but through writing, reading, and researching (and hopefully therapy), I hope that eventually I’ll be in a better situation to be the activist that I want to be.

In the years since I began this blog, I’ve changed and written about a whole lot of topics. This space is more than just a collection of resources now and going forward, I’m going to continue writing about issues, forms of media, and more through a social justice lens.


2 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hi Charlie! I am a fan of your blog and am working on undergrad research on the experiences of self-disclosure as a trans/nonbinary person in a binary world , which leads into my question, could I email you via email for my project?
    Thanks ^___^

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