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Your Faves are Problematic.

So over the past few months, I’ve been writing about different celebrities and the different ways that they are problematic. And a big part of why I’ve been doing this (and why I’ll keep… Continue reading

Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

I just recently finished the Netflix and Marvel show Jessica Jones and it honestly had me on the edge of my seat for the entire season. Here I’ll be talking about the show… Continue reading

Fat, Queer, NonBinary, and Clothed.

Finding clothing while fat, queer, and nonbinary is regularly difficult and often a drain on my self esteem. In my experience, when overt femininity fails (if stores even try femininity or bright colors… Continue reading

New Years Resolutions.

I have had exactly one New Year’s Eve party that I really enjoyed – I was 16 years old, at a friend’s party, and kissed the guy I liked at midnight. Of course… Continue reading

Quote on Tina Fey.

Like numerous residents of the feminist blogosphere, I’m disappointed in Fey’s persistent bullying of sex workers and other women she judges to be inappropriately sexual. While she skewers society for shitting on the fairer sex,… Continue reading

We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Today, I read and watched Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay and TEDx Talk We Should All Be Feminists. And honestly, there is so much that I love about this essay – Adichie does a really… Continue reading

Pronouns and Gender.

The weight we put on gender is incredible and it’s starts for people often before birth (and definitely when they’re assigned their gender at birth). We assume what babies might turn out to… Continue reading

Myths of Low Wage Work.

I am so on board with all people having a living wage, along with other fair and consistent working conditions like regular hours/scheduling, paid sick leave, parental leave, etc. If I’m really wishing for… Continue reading

Your Fave is Problematic – Tina Fey.

Shocking right? Tina Fey is quite literally the definition of white feminism – her work and activism fights for equality of (white and middle class/rich) women and lacks any sort of intersectional lens.… Continue reading

Judith Butler on Police Brutality and Rodney King.

The police are structurally placed to protect whiteness against violence, where violence is the imminent action of the black male body. And because within this schema, the police protect whiteness, their own violence… Continue reading