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Supernatural: Queerbaiting, White Men, Misogyny oh my!

Out of mostly sheer boredom and mild curiosity, I’ve been binge watching season nine and ten of CW’s hit show Supernatural over the past couple days. I used to watch the show religiously… Continue reading

Halloween part 2

I’ve written about Halloween already this month (and once last year too) but I wanted to include some more links to and reminders about the holiday, about racist/problematic costumes, and cultural appropriation.  

The One With the Problematic Show: How Friends is Difficult to Watch.

A couple days ago, I had a Friends episode on in the background while I was cleaning and started to think about the ways the much loved show is actually really problematic. This… Continue reading


During one semester at my alma mater, I was involved in a student movement on my campus that called for more inclusive policies from the administration in relation to LGBTQ+ identities. For those… Continue reading

The Police.

This morning I was doing some errands and I started thinking about the police and how even though I’m white (and that plays a big part in how I interact with the police),… Continue reading

How I Identify.

To be really and utterly honest, I’m not entirely sure how I officially identify but it’s definitely something that I think about on a regular basis. I constantly wonder how to explain my… Continue reading


The thing about gender is that the only thing that really dictates it is you. If you identify as one gender or another (or more than one or none), the thing that determines… Continue reading

Profiting off of Prisons

I’ve written about prisons before – focusing on the relationship between slavery, mass incarceration, and the prison industrial complex. All those things are related to the fact that there are so many ways… Continue reading


So the hashtag #MyFeminismIs on Twitter was started by the Ms. Foundation for Women organization as a way to “paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of the Feminism as we continue to challenge… Continue reading


Halloween is my favorite holiday to be honest. I love dressing up, I love haunted houses and scary movies even though they both scare the shit out of me, I love Halloween games,… Continue reading