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Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs).

Intersectionality is an important part of feminism and by having it be a central part of feminism, we recognize the intersecting identities that all influence our lives in different ways. Some women deal with… Continue reading

The White Savior Industrial Complex and Voluntourism.

I do want to clarify that I am a privileged white US citizen – for years, I donated to many organizations where I could perform in a white savior way (sponsoring orphans to… Continue reading

#SpiritDay – Stand Up Against Bullying!

Today is the fifth annual Spirit Day, one in which people wear purple to take a stand against the bullying that LGBTQ+ youth often face. The fact of the matter is that there… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Month.

In addition to being LGBT+ history month, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s been really interesting to see some of the activism to fight this type of cancer.  I lost… Continue reading

Diversity in Hollywood.

A few months ago, I wrote about two concepts (the Bechdel Test and Every Single Word) that highlight the lack of diversity in US media and that lack of diversity is something to… Continue reading

Indigenous People’s Day.

Today is Indigenous People’s day not Columbus day. — Mr. Credible Hulk (@Pundit_AcadEMIC) October 12, 2015 A few days ago, I wrote about how Christopher Columbus was in fact really cruel and has… Continue reading

My Coming Out Journey.

I could very easily call this my coming out story but the thing about coming out in a cissexist and heteronormative world is that coming out happens all the time. It’s a journey, one… Continue reading


I am a trans person (a nonbinary woman to be exact) and so very queer (some sort of bisexual/ace/aro combination? Not entirely sure but definitely sure about being queer). And every year, National… Continue reading

Trans Women to Know.

With October being LGBT+ history month, I thought I’d write about some revolutionary trans women to know and look out for! These are just some of the people that are doing some great work… Continue reading

Your Faves are Problematic – Christopher Columbus.

Okay maybe the title is misleading – I’m not entirely sure if Christopher Columbus is anyone’s favorite but the main point is that that he was super problematic and there’s a lot more… Continue reading