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Accessibility and Ableism.

It took me a really long time to see the ways in which many spaces (including activist and feminist spaces) aren’t always the most accessible in different ways and how accessibility has to… Continue reading

Things I wish I knew.

Alternatively: dear me in senior year of high school. The things I wish I knew years ago: You’re not straight and that’s so okay. Dad will cheer when you come out, Mom will… Continue reading

The Controversy of Junípero Serra.

Pope Francis’ visit to the US has been all over US news lately – so far Papa Frank has visited President Obama in the Oval House, he’s taken lunch with people experiencing homelessness… Continue reading

Classism and Welfare.

Classism within the US is particularly interesting in the way in which we as a society tend to blame people in poverty and lower income brackets for their struggles rather than realizing how… Continue reading

Planned Parenthood and why #IStandWithPP

I have and will continue to be a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood for so many different reasons. The nonprofit provides accessible health care for all those who need it and provide a… Continue reading

Fictional Villains.

I probably spend too much time thinking about fictional villains. Mostly I think about why villains talk so much when they could just do the things and maybe win?! I also think about… Continue reading

Medical Gatekeepers.

Okay so in this post I’m going to specifically be talking about medical gatekeepers in relation to how many are making medical access difficult for people who are trans and/or fat. And when… Continue reading

Getting out of bed.

I spend a lot of time sleeping or just in bed. Most days getting out of bed or out of my place is hard. Home is comfy, there are blankets and pillows, and… Continue reading

Syrian Refugees in Europe.

It’s difficult to go on any social media platform, read a newspaper, or watch the news lately and not hear something about the current refugee crisis in Europe, particularly in reference to the… Continue reading

Slavery, Mass Incarceration, and the Prison Industrial Complex.

As much as many white people seem to believe, the US is not living in a post racial society and the mass incarceration of people of color is definitely one indicator of that… Continue reading