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Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day – an annual event started by grassroots organizers in 1970 in the US and Canada but is now celebrating in many cities and countries all around the world. There… Continue reading

Making mistakes and being held accountable.

As people, we make mistakes on a regular basis because we’re a flawed species and not one person has the answers to everything. There are times in which we fuck up and that’s… Continue reading


If you are anything like me and enjoyed listening to The Message, then you’ll probably also really like the podcast Limetown. It’s fictional podcast following the investigation of what happened to a place… Continue reading

Bathroom Bills.

States like North Carolina have been making waves over the past few weeks with different pieces of legislation that are inherently discriminatory in nature – many of them focus on discriminating against LGBTQ… Continue reading

Parks and Recreation.

I know I’m a few years late to the game but I just recently finished all seven seasons of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. And oh man – this show is equal parts hilarious,… Continue reading

Taking a break. 

I haven’t been writing a lot over the past couple days – a bit unintentionally because of my work. That and for some reason, my depression is particularly rough right now and just… Continue reading


Spring has officially come and this time of the year always makes me reflect about different things. Lately, I’ve been thinking about friendship and how much I miss some of my friends and… Continue reading

Agent Carter Season Two.

So over the weekend, I finally finished up season two of Marvel’s Agent Carter and honestly I really loved it. Spoilers ahead! This season was set in Los Angeles and the foe was Whitney… Continue reading

The Recreational Weed Business Has a Race Problem.

So far in the US, four states and the District of Columbia that have passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana and the business has been growing fast. Unsurprisingly, the tax revenue from that has… Continue reading

Service Trips, White Savior Complex, and Voluntourism Revisited.

A question to all those going or have gone on international service trips – if you could go with no camera, would you? If you weren’t able to share stories from your trip… Continue reading