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Violence at Trump Rallies.

I’ve written about Trump before a couple times now and there’s a tiny part of me that’s still waiting for his candidacy to be a joke because it really doesn’t seem real. His… Continue reading

Why I am Pro-Choice.

I am adamantly pro-choice in the issue of abortion and in the sense of reproductive health. There are so many reasons for this but the biggest and most fundamental reasons lies with the… Continue reading

All Lives Matter and Black on Black Crime.

I’ve written about how saying “all lives matter” in response to #BlackLivesMatter is nothing more than a distraction before and that’s still true. Saying that ‘all lives matter’ doesn’t really seem to accomplish… Continue reading

International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day – a day inspired by factory women going on strike for better wages and working conditions. The podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You goes in depth into the… Continue reading

Civil Rights for Beginners – Paul Von Blum.

Yesterday I finished up the book Civil Rights for Beginners by Paul Von Blum and overall I really liked the book. Most of the book is dedicated to the civil rights movement from… Continue reading

Women’s History Month.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Women’s History Month – a relatively new addition in the US that honors and pays tribute to all the women and their work. And there’s so much work… Continue reading

Homelessness and Housing First.

Homelessness is a big problem for so many people, in part because in many places, housing is really expensive and/or impossible to find. There are many other reasons as to why people experience… Continue reading

Hollywood’s Racism Problem.

I’ve repeatedly written about this topic like #OscarsSoWhite and diversity in Hollywood but with the Oscars happening right now, it’s important to remember the problems that exist in Hollywood and media in general. And it’s… Continue reading

Voting Rights Act of 1965

A little over 50 years ago in August 1965, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law and thus enforcing the fifteenth amendment and banning discriminatory practices used in many states to… Continue reading

Donald Trump Revisited.

At this point, there is still just a tiny little part of me that keeps waiting for Donald Trump’s presidential nominee campaign to be a joke or to flitter out. But he keeps… Continue reading