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Super Bowl Displacement.

Today is Super Bowl 50 and many are excited to watch the game, halftime show, commercials, or some combination of all three. But something not usually talked about with this major sporting event… Continue reading

Reproductive rights and reproductive justice.

This isn’t directly related to Black History Month but something I wanted to write about because it’s an incredibly important conversation. Plus, reproductive rights have been a hot topic over the years and… Continue reading

The Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter.

The parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the more recent Black Lives Matter are staggering and show that racism did not die out in the 1960s with the passage of the Civil Rights… Continue reading

Rosa Parks.

There is so much more about our history, especially in regards to the Civil Rights Movement, that we don’t learn about. We as white people are so eager to whitewash history, to bend… Continue reading

Black History Month.

February is Black History Month, a month to learn about the history of black and African Americans. Usually high school history classes don’t cover a whole lot of black history – or really… Continue reading

Environmental Racism.

When we talk about environmental justice, organizations like Greenpeace or protests like #sHellNo might come to mind. Or at least that’s what comes to my mind. But with these conversations, we also need… Continue reading

Quote on historical fiction as resistance.

Large chunks of our history are presented to many of us – queer people, people of colour, disabled people, neurodiverse people – as though we never existed. It bears saying, and repeating, that… Continue reading

I don’t want to be nice to creepy and strange men.

Comments and questions from random and strange men have unfortunately become all too common place for many women and others. And it’s not just women who experience unwanted attention and harassment nor does… Continue reading


I lived in Portland, OR for a couple years and was just head over heels for the city. There’s so much that I loved (and still love) about the city and the state… Continue reading


The discussion on diversity within Hollywood and the media has been circulating lately after for the second year in the row, there were no actors of color in the Oscar nominations. And because… Continue reading